Sunday, July 8, 2012

hallelujah for family beach week!


Each year Family Beach Week gets better and better! This year we took a risk, venturing to a new beach 
We loved it, and might have to stick with our new find. South Topsail Island treated us well

Everyone felt right at home

We were steps from the Topsail Turtle Hospital
It was very impressive to see the treatment these rescued reptiles receive

One evening we strolled to a 'vintage' roller rink

Ok, I was a little excited

We also hit the arcade 
My advice, never feel like you have to 'grow up!' 

We found a slice of paradise at the local mini golf  'Patio Playground' 
Dad got a hole-in-one, Hooray!

We had a mascot this year. A legitimately smiling potato.

More than anything, we enjoyed the beach


and each other!!

 Thank you mom & dad

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Tags said...

Oh my gosh! So jealous!!! You all look like you had so much fun. So wish I could have gone rollerskating!

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