Friday, June 1, 2012

Top Knot Tutorial Link

So I love tutorials...they are super informative...and you can find them on virtually anything! This morning I watched one on making a "top knot!" I tried it and voila..I had one perched atop my dome! Apparently these are in high fashion right now. I will wear one around mi's a nice alternative to the pony tail. Bouncy and cute.
{Here} is the education...from Jess at IROCKSOWHAT. pretty snazzy, eh?

disclaimer: mine did not involve hairspray.
messy, but not too shabby :D


Amanda said...

lookin good girl!!! as soon as my hair is long enough, top knot here i come!!!

xo, amanda

Liz said...

i just chopped my hair no more top knots for awhile!!

lauren brittany said...

i'm about to go try now! thanks for sharing!

Joanie said...

you will totally be able pull it off!!

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