Thursday, June 14, 2012


Round on each side and HI in the middle. Yep, oHIo. I have been travelling to Ohio since I was a wee little girl. My paternal side of the family resides there...and since my parents were divorced when I was small, visitation with dad required hopping on an airplane. I have been cruising on airplanes since before I can remember. My parents tell a funny story I can repeat, but don't actually recall.
The law requires (or it did in 1982) that a child be 5 years old to fly without a parent. Well, I was approaching 5 years old...but was still technically 4. Guess what my parents did? They tossed me on the plane anyway! Well, I was with my brother--though he's only 18 months my senior. Apparently, my 4 year old conscious got the best of me, and I told a man sitting next to us that I was only 4...but politely asked him not to tell anyone. That story makes me smile. They always said I was an old soul.

Countless airplane trips later, I still chat with people on the plane. However, my visits to Ohio are much different than they used to be. When I was a youngster, being in Ohio was difficult. I was an extremely homesick kid...and being out of my element was tough. My dad and I talked about it last weekend and agreed that my saving grace was THE COUSINS. I have amazing cousins who always made me feel like a local celebrity. And they still do. I don't know many people who love me as much as they do. I absolutely adore them. I adore all my family in Ohio and truly appreciate my visits as an adult, in a way I wasn't capable of in my youth. Here are a couple pictures from my quick jaunt last weekend...

cousins luncheon
Kathleen, Maureen, Jenny & me!
love my cousins
(jenny not pictured)
My dad's new pet, MR. TURTLE
Every Summer I come into town, my dad hosts a pig roast. Yes, the vegetarian is celebrated with a pig roast. he he. A couple hours before the roast was to commence, we realized dad's pavilion needed some tender loving care. So I got to work...

Not too shabby, eh?

Thank you for a wonderful stay, dad!
Our relationship means the world to me!



Tiffany said...

Sweet post and way to go on the garage decor!

Tags said...

You did a great job on the storage area!!! The pic of you and your dad is awesome : ) . Funny how much all of you looked alike when you were little. Tom is in the red, white and blue, right? You are the little baby being held up to Tom's left? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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