Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quiet Acts of Kindness

I feel inspired to start a little something new on my blog. It's called quiet acts of kindness. I would love if each of you participated in this little venture with me. The only true acts of kindness involve not taking credit for your generosity. I absolutely love when people donate large sums of money to charities, anonymously. I am so impressed by that. Generosity does not have to involve large sums of can also be very simple gestures.

  • Paying a vehicles .50 toll behind you
  • Buying the car behind yours their $1.00 biscuit in the McDonald's drive-thru
  • Leaving your change in the vending machine
  • Shoveling someone's sidewalk, on the sly
As long as you don't get credit for's a quiet act of kindness. 

I was inspired recently when on my desk appeared a note that simply said:

'Just Because'
Just because you matter
Because you are appreciated
Because you are you

A little something to brighten your day

If it makes you feel good, 
pay it forward with a goodie for someone else

There are eleven females who work in the practice. I never asked who it came from, I just grinned and decided I would absolutely pay it forward. I hope you decide to too. What are you capable of? What can you contribute to someone else's good day?

Instead of saying WHAT you did, just put a  + in the comment section of my blog or Facebook page. That way we will all continue to believe in the power and good nature of those around us. Please let me know you are participating by showing me your +

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Find Handmade said...

Loving your pictures and the simple and beautiful way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

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