Wednesday, May 2, 2012

::Giveaway Love::

Hello Gorgeous! I adore you so much, I want to give you away!

You heard that right, I am enamored with this bangle...and the fabulous Tiffany Klaasen has graciously agreed to give-it-away to a Lovely Life of Liz reader! I have been smitten with Stella & Dot jewelry for some time. Originally I was attracted to their delicate line. I have {this} & {this}. But more recently I have been obsessed with their colorfully bold pieces. Today I am wearing {this} beauty! And I also treasure {this} sparkler! Adding a simple statement to your wardrobe can absolutely brighten up any day! You can start with this styley enamel bangle.

Tiffany has been with Stella & Dot for a year and a half. I love her story. She was previously a corporate attorney. After her third child entered the world she made the decision to stay at home with her munchkins. She attended a host show and fell head-over-heels for the jewelry line. She resides in Detroit, managing stylists in 10+ states. Tiffany proudly reports earning a similar paycheck with Stella & Dot as she did as an attorney. She is #8 of 12,000 in the company. She recently won a trip to Mexico that she enjoyed with her husband. If you are interested in a business adventure, shoot her an email at 

Ok, so the giveaway rules are simple...there are three, and you must complete all three:
1. Add your email to Ms. Tiffany's Facebook page subscription list {here}
2. Like that Facebook page of hers {same spot}
3. Subscribe to MY blog via email, in the upper right-hand corner! ::confirm in your email inbox::

While you are at it...Mother's Day is right around the corner. Free shipping for all Lovely Life of Liz readers until May 6th! Email Tiffany...reference my blog...and she will walk you through it!

Is this fun, or what?
*winner announced May 6th*


Tiffany said...

I'm in!

juliep. said...

Now that I know where you got the arrow necklace you wore in a previous picture I HAVE to buy it.
Thanks for sharing!!!

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