Tuesday, April 24, 2012

salad love

Southern gent & I enjoy preparing meals together. We don't cook amazing, time consuming feasts...but we do create healthy chow in unison. Luckily he doesn't believe it's my job alone--we both have careers, and share all responsibilities. Salads are a favorite summertime fare. Tonight we made an ultra simple one, but it was oh-so-delish! Please comment with easy breezy salad ingredients that you love!


Tiffany said...

That kitchen looks so nice!!
I like to also add very small chopped up red onion and Chinese rice noodles for crunch. Those are yummy.

Tags said...

It looks sooo yummy, however your "greens" should be greener. Iceberg lettuce has very little to no nutritional value. Make that same delicious concoction over spinach or kale. Yum!!! Your kitchen, and "Southern Gent", look beautiful :)

Liz said...

thank you for the tips girls!! love you both!! xo

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