Monday, April 16, 2012

ok, I'm frazzled!

I was doing so well there...but yesterday it all hit me...I'm Frazzled! Is it me...or is learning to manage a new household kinda tough? No complaints at all...we are happy as clams over here. Southern gent is off the road for a few months, which blows my mind with happiness! All that said, any change requires adjustment. So we are acclimating to a new space...and trying to establish new routines and structure. I love spontaneity, but I definitely thrive with daily structure.
But currently, every time I turn around, it's like--Oh, I need to do laundry...Oh, my car is 1,000 miles over the oil change...Oh, I haven't run in 2 weeks...Oh, I have 2 private practices I am trying to orchestrate...We need groceries...I haven't had lunch. Have the dogs peed?
Nothing major, just feeling off schedule. I am finding myself driving 10 miles to get stamps--because it's where I used to get stamps. Weird stuff like that. Time management is something I truly pride myself on, I'm great at it! But in recent's been a humorous struggle.
Finding balance is a constant quest! Anyone with me? :D


Lynn said...

Always take some me time. Knowing you, you'll be back on track in no time at all! Much love Lovely Liz!


Liz said...

thank you Lovely Lynn! Seeing you always makes me smile :D

Amanda said...

Hi there! I am a new follower to your lovely blog and i adore it :) As for this post, I am so with you on the whole finding balance thing. It sure can be tricky. I came across a quote once that said, "If all you do today is breathe, that is okay." This helped me realize that sometimes I put too much pressure on myself, ya know? Well, hope this helps and have a happy Wednesday!

xo, Amanda

Anonymous said...

New chapter... I love you!!! Call me if you need to breathe :)

Tags said...

Oops! Hit send before I put my name. That eloquent incite was from MEEEEE : ) . MOOCHIES!!!

Liz said...

Amanda, thank you! Love your blog! I'm a new follower of yours now too!

Tags, The new chapter has been so fun to 'write'!! love you xo

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