Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fancy Friday

Fancy Friday blog prompt: Share a memory with your mom, when life was beauty FULL

My mom & I have always had a special connection.
She is the first person who met me and she helped me grow and learn and giggle and think. 
Our memories are countless. She is my biggest fan and I am hers.  
She has seen me weep so hard, I could hardly breathe. She has seen me laugh so hard, I wet my pants. 
She knows my soul and loves me despite my faults. 
She is my mom, & we enjoy making Corona commercials together.

She is beautiful...and when I am with her, the world is beauty FULL. 

Fancy Friday

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Amanda said...

those photos are priceless and really stunning. if you have not framed them yet you should do so and give one to your mama for mother's day. she would love it! happy weekend to you :)

xo, amanda

Liz said...

great idea, Amanda! thank you!!

LoveFeast Table said...

What a great way to document each year. We love it! Thanks for linking up and participating. Have a great weekend!
Chris Ann & Kristin

Tags said...

These make me smile :) . Love both of you ladies!!!

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