Sunday, March 18, 2012

mi casa es su casa

Well, I couldn't wait any longer...just had to get an address stamp for the new house! While I was at it, I had one made for our buyers too. I bet they will like it. Giving a little gift at the closing will be fun. I hope they absorb all of the love we have stored in this home. This is the space southern gent got dressed for our wedding. There are so many quirks in this bungalow, but none of them matter when you are sharing them with the right person.
As the end nears, nostalgia kicks in. Hundreds of dog walks. Really nice neighbors. The same route jogged over & over.
The house in which you live matters less than the home in which you create. We created one that was warm and comfortable. More comfortable than anywhere we have ever been. Looking forward to discovering and developing those same feelings under a different roof...with more than 1 bathroom ;D


TiffP said...

Where do you find these cute stamps?

Liz said...


Tags said...

So excited for you to move on... lots of great memories! However, now you can make memories in your new home with pepole you love, other than just Brian, because we can all come stay with you :) . Get ready Sister Christian!!! Bring on those bathroom(s)!

Liz said...

I like how you are thinking!! Get over here ;D

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