Monday, March 12, 2012

G. Whiz

The Spring/Summer before I migrated to college, I worked at a fancy little gift shop. It was a quiet job. We sold a variety of fine gifts and loads of beanie babies. Remember beanie babies? We had gobs of em'. I dressed up like an Easter Chick in April and frolicked under those striped awnings. In Fact--I was my high school mascot (Bronco Billy) a couple times, as well as a Pig mascot at the State Fair too. If you ever need someone to dress in an animal suit, I'm your girl.
There was a little bakery a few doors down from G. Whiz. I spotted Danny Bonaduce there one time ::Random::
I was glad to recently learn the boutique is standing strong in the same location. That is wonderful news. Support local business every chance ya' get!

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