Friday, March 9, 2012

1st job ever!

This post commences my journey of jobs. I started counting and there are several to document. Most of my little jobs were seasonal...just gave them a try for the experience. There were also many times I had more than one job at a time. You can do anything in your 20's! When you start work at tend to rack up a few. So, heeeeeere we go!

My first ever gig was as a phone girl at Domino's Pizza. My dad happened to own the joint, so I was a shoe-in. The pizza business has been part of my life as long as I can remember. I was anxious to be a phone girl and a box folder. Yep, I folded hundreds of boxes. Most people probably don't know that pizza boxes arrive flat...and require folding & tucking before the pizza calls it a home. It's a little rough on the hands, but certainly builds work ethic.

I never actually made a pizza. That takes skill & talent that I don't have. Imagine me throwing dough into the air? It wasn't graceful, people. I ate lots of toppings though, mostly cheese and black olives. Raw dough too. Yum but also ewwww.

To squash any thoughts of nepotism, I once volunteered to clean the bathroom. Totally unsolicited. I think I earned respect that evening.
I brought tons of energy to the store, but as far as an employee...I was so-so. I talked alot!! Like I talked so much, sometimes I didn't hear the phone ring. No wonder I folded so many boxes.


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That's our girl!!!!!

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cheese pleeez

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