Saturday, February 25, 2012


Last night we had yet another fantastic night with our favorite crew! 13 of us managed to have an incredible time! We dined at The Angus Barn, tucked in a little nook at a cumbersome table. It was actually the exact same table we toasted me+southern gent's engagement a couple years ago. Relish plates, salads, breads, steaks, potatoes, vegetables & seafood flooded the table. It was a feast of warmth and laughter.

After dinner, we worked our way back to the Meat Locker! The staff zig-zags you through the sprawling kitchen until you reach this open air lounge, fit with heaters. It extends into a patio with a cozy firepit. In the summertime they have s'mores sets for guests. Such a fun concept!

After a nightcap in the Meat Locker, we hugged and promised to do it again soon :D

The smartest part of the evening was the Zingo service! Coolest idea ever. In warmer months, a man on his moped drives to your location...folds up his moped...tucks it into your backseat...and drives YOU in YOUR CAR to YOUR HOME. ::are you following all of this?:: He then sharply hops on his moped and drives back to headquarters. Last night two drivers met us in their speedy little ride. One followed the other...and we all arrived safely to our homes
Brilliant, I tell ya! 

I bet there is a similar service near your area. Look into it, it's reasonably priced. And even if it wasn't, it would still be worth every penny. 


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