Sunday, February 19, 2012

my trip out west

Oh Denver, I wish I was a poet. I have so many thoughts to express, if only I knew how to sum them up in a rhyme. Being there was magical. Being there helped me appreciate Raleigh too.
I was a little homesick this time.
Like...I-came-home-a-day-early type of homesick ::sigh:: That was soooo good for me.

There is something about places, smells & tastes that are nostalgic to me. I don't have an emotional attachment to material things. I can toss pictures in the garbage and clear my closet of possessions, no problem. But when I drive by a Starbucks I spent hours-at-a-time in my 20' heart skips a beat. I feel a magnetic connection. I had a list of favorite spots to hit while in town. The only souvenir I came home with was this jar of the best peanut sauce my lips have ever tasted. I will ration the 16 ounces as long as I can!

Seeing old friends was exceptional. Lunches, dinners, cocktails. I drove around and was awe struck by the changes. I have changed too Denver, I don't blame ya! The dwelling that brings back the sharpest memories was on West Williams St.

I was the chic on floor two. This Victorian was divided into five apartments! Yes, five! I had the front unit on the second floor. You better believe I crawled onto that roof and shared many a' deep thought during my lease. I loved seeing the old place again.

Trips down memory lane are beautiful! But like I said...I was ready to rejoin my lil' life in Raleigh. This is right where I am supposed to be! yippy!


TiffP said...

We're glad you love Raleigh now too.

Liz said...

Thank You TiffP! :D

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