Sunday, February 19, 2012

home hunting

We went home hunting today on the sloppiest, wettest, muddiest, chilliest, grossest day. I was prepared with my slick rain boots! There are lots of wrong homes out there. We have viewed quite an eclectic mix. Our collection has ranged from very old to brand new! We are awaiting that feeling of home-sweet-home! It willlll happen! Oddly, I feel zero stress around the process. I have seen people pull out their hair while on the hunt...doesn't seem to make the pursuit any easier, so I made a commitment not to act that way. Things work out in the end, and this will too!! People tell me they have toured 50-60 abodes before finding the right crib. We have stepped foot in 18 dwellings...1/3 of the way there I guess!
Let the good times roll  :D

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