Thursday, February 23, 2012

demanding peeps

We all have a few in our lives. They are the people who don't thank us for visiting...they ask why we can't stay longer. Or if plans change, they respond with an irritated sigh.
We need more people in this world who are appreciative, understanding & offer leniency. I bet each of us could practice pardoning to utter perfection!  
My mom is so courteous, I could cry. I actually did cry one time while talking with southern gent about it. Then I told my mom and she & I both started crying. Yes, at times I am a hot mess. Recently we planned to spend some time together, but then something arose and I had to postpone our afternoon. She simply said, 
'no problem, call me later.' Being gracefully understanding that day was an absolute gift. She didn't ask any questions or blame me for changing the route of her day. She adjusted accordingly, not venturing into

Try this with family and friends, pardon someone today! It's a selfless gift to give! Surprise your spouse,   
a family member, your child or a friend. Let's all go with the flow. It's truly a token of respect.  

Thank you Joyful Joanie!


Anonymous said...

So so so so true. Flexibility and "go with the flow" attitudes when things happen (and things always happen) can change your day, and others' too. Getting mad or making someone feel guilty doesn't help anyone - you OR them, so smile and be understanding and make them wonder why you are so positive and happy!

Liz said...

amen, anonymous ;D

Tags said...

First of all, please send this to Steve!!! Secondly, but really firstly... JOANERS IS THE BEST!!! I love that woman :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your "demanding peeps" don't read may not make them feel very good.

Liz said...

It's all in good fun ;D

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