Monday, February 27, 2012

fancy night out

This weekend was a fabulous frenzy! Sunday started early with our real estate agent picking us up at 8:45am. After viewing 9 homes, I-yi-yi, we had about an hour to we debated a run or a nap. The run won & we squeezed in a 3 miler. Then off to the main event. Casino Night! It was lovely!! I got to pick out a new dress and get all schnazzy with southern gent. Lots of money raised tonight for The Kids N' Community Foundation. Everything looked great and tasted even better. That's what it's all about :D

Thankfully, my first client isn't until noon today. So I am spending the morning perched in bed with my computer and a Diet Pepsi! Life is good!

::photobooth phun::


TiffP said...

I love the photo booth. I think we should do that for the guys one big 40th party!
Dress looks wonderful too!

Liz said...

photobooths rock :D

Liz said...

it was a comfortable yet classy number...thank you!

Tags said...

You looked H-O-T!!! Ha! No, super elegant :)

Liz said...

thank you silly ;D

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