Saturday, January 14, 2012

Woof Gang Bakery

Let me introduce you to the mother of all dog bakeries. Friday evening, a little birdie told me the Woof Gang Bakery was having their Grand Opening the very next morning...and granting FREE TREATS FOR A YEAR to the first twenty customers. My mom thought it was a fab we were on a mission, people!

This place blew us away!

We both have a habit of spoiling our pups!

My habit was tempted with this styley assortment of collars!

Click {HERE} for their local information

They house a yummy array of goodies!

Spa services are offered, with an option to do-it-yourself!

And happy four-legged friends are welcome inside!

So, I know what you're wondering...

Were we of the first twenty customers??

Of course we were! Would you expect anything less!?

Above is our first bag of free treats. They smell amazing and actually have oregano inside! 
You're welcome boys! :D


Tags said...

That place looks unreal! Oh my word! So happy that you were in the first 20 :). Were there are lot of people there?

Liz said...

The place is stellar! Yes, there was a mob of people in there! They opened at 9am..and we were there at 7:45am. The picture I took was the night before the grand opening. We got a sneak peek :D

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