Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Joys of Travel!

Oh, how I  an airport. It's easy to view airports as a big ol' hassle. I choose to see them as a wonderland of opportunity. The people watching is dramatic, the shops are full of trinkets...I always buy a magazine & something sweet. I never sit down...shortly I will be sitting down for hours, why start now? Airports have really upgraded themselves in recent years. I travel alone quite often and always commit to doing something cool at the airport. Once I got my boots shined. Sitting in that throne-like chair, kicked that's fun. I have also visited the Xpress Spa on several occasions, many cities have them now. They offer massages, manicures, pedicures. I am noticing many of these activities involve sitting down...I do walk around between adventures :D
I am definitely one to get to the airport 2 hours early. I have never missed a flight. Unless there is an unexpected emergency, I cannot imagine why one would miss a flight. Isn't your flight the most important thing you have planned that day?
I have been flying since I was 5 years old. My brother and I would hop on a plane to visit our family in Ohio. My parents would hand us over to a flight attendant and he/she would help us find our seats and settle in. We would then be escorted to our dad waiting at our destination. It was always thrilling!
After all these years, I still love to travel.
Twice I have been upgraded to first-class, free of charge. It's really difficult to go back after a first-class experience. Last year on our way to Puerto Rico, we were upgraded. In a matter of moments I was drinking Cabernet and eating lasagna/salad/shrimp/buttered bread! Wowza!

On the way home we were munching pretzels and sipping soda with normal people like us. We were still quite cozy, since we were in the exit other travel secret. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

This week I get to travel with my life companion!!! Now that's the most fun of all!
Today & tomorrow I will be digging out my summer clothing! I bought myself a few cute new things. Here is a preview:

I realized this year that I have traveled with the same toiletry cases for 20 years! My Aunt Cindy gifted them to me when I was 13 years old, it was time to replace them. Thank you southern gent!

My passport expires next year. It was issued in 2003. Take a look at that picture!


We are so excited to run away and relax this week! It could not be happening at a better time! 

me + southern gent + hammock = Bliss


TiffanyP said...

Couldn't agree more! Traveling is the best -- especially with your love. Enjoy the journey!

Anonymous said...

YOU BOTH deserve it !!!! Safe travels, take lots of pics and be safe!!!!! Xoxoxox

Mel said...

I love traveling as well, and I'm especially fond of airports for the same reasons you mentioned. For the first time in my history of travels, I missed a flight last year. Yes, my flight was the most important agenda item of the day, but I lost all concept of time while perusing goodies in an awesome gift shop. Next time I'll set a timer on my phone! Have fun on your vacation! (I love all the stripes. Fun!)

Liz said...

oh my goodness! That is hilarious! What a great story! xo

Mel said...

Funny now, but not then! :)

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