Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Cool things are around us everyday!!
Here are two of my recents...

1. I agreed to do a Flash Mob with my brother and mom!

I guess I can't talk much about the flash mob...because that is precisely what makes them special, right? All I have is a link to the dance tutorial...and a dress rehearsal date & time. This sort of thing is right-up-my-alley! After it happens, I will give you the 411...I am excited :D

2. Someone hip will be guest posting on Lovely Life of Liz!

I borrowed this picture from Hollywood Housewife!
As I have learned more & more about the blog-o-verse, I have realized there are definite trends. One of these trends is guest posting. A blogger will be asked...or offer...to write a post for another blogger.
Laura Tremaine is a cool chic who writes the Hollywood Housewife blog. She recently offered to write 25 guest posts. I wrote to her asking to write a guest post for me...and she responded today with a big fat YES. She actually said she 'would be honored.' That made my day!
She seems happily married, which is rare. So I asked her to write about the importance of valuing a marriage and not falling into the 'your life is over once you tie the knot' thing. I think it is much cooler when people are proud of their spouse and want to shout their admiration from the rooftops! Tough times are normal, but too many people degrade their spouse...I find it tacky & cliche.
Sooooo, we will all be graced with her 'Wisdom on Marriage' in February! How fun is that!?

Stay Tuned...


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