Friday, January 6, 2012


Barbara Walters recently aired her '10 Most Fascinating People of 2011' show. It was a well rounded list. She definitely covered all bases. I liked her list. It was an entertaining show!

Bab's list was as follows:

Eric Stonestreet/Jesse Ferguson, Modern Family
Simon Cowell, Television
Herman Cain, Politics
Katy Perry, Musician
The Kardashians, Reality
Derek Jeter, Sports
Donald Trump, Big Biz
Amanda Knox, National News
Pippa Middleton, Royalty
Steve Jobs, IT

And it got me thinking...what celebrities fascinate me? I started taking inventory. My list is full of females! Successful chicks! Sisters who have made a name for themselves! Well spoken ladies! Charming girls! Babes who believe in a cause! Women with a strong vocabulary! Like-able gals!
Mine is not specifically from 2011, it's just a brief list of my first instinct.

I strive to possess each of these qualities, in one!

My list is as follows:

I think my list is quite well rounded too!

A challenge: The very first person who can name the very last person on my list, will gain some brownie points. She was one of the first 'celebrities' I ever truly admired. One hint: 738 days.

Who fascinates you?


Jenn said...

The last person on your list is Julia Butterfly Hill who lived in a 180-foot tall tree in California for 738 days from December 10, 1997 - December 18, 1999 to prevent loggers from cutting it down.

Liz said...

yessss, an amazing woman! thank you Jenn!!

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