Monday, January 16, 2012

C B & J

On Sunday I enjoyed a fabulous brunch with a wonderful group of chics! We promised to make it a standing rendezvous, I really hope we do. One works in business analytics, preparing to return from maternity has been married 10 years and works in finance, searching for work/life lives the corporate lifestyle and was married a few months before me in the exact. same. spot. The one in Real Estate will join us next time, she was at the office. We missed her!
A neat collection of working women!

We munched at a local favorite, NoFo. After our two-hour graze filled with chatter and laughter, we moseyed to the eclectic gift shop. If you need a present, it can be found here. They have unique items galore! Kristen led me to a little shelf that occupied some mason jars. Speaking of working women...she told me the story of a local gal who has parented a little business for herself. She creates cashew butter and homemade jams. Her signature sandwich is CB&J, cashew butter & jam!! Her ingredients are found locally. Cashews come from Trader Joe's and mason jars from Ace Hardware/Seaboard Station. She also collects ingredients at the Farmer's Market, the annual State Fair & Whole Foods. Mindful cargo. Thoughtful execution.
Later that afternoon I was nibbling on my very first CB&J. I must say, it was delectable!
Check out the Porch Rockin' website {HERE}.
Kristen gave little baskets as gifts around the holidays and said it was a big hit with friends & family! Liza delivers the jars to her customer's homes. How charming! You can also find her at the Saturday Market!

Thank you for enlightening me, Kristen! I'm the newest fan!

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Tags said...

I would love to try some of that CB and jam. If you send me some, I will send you a check. Sounds so good!

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