Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baking cookies!!

Well, the lock box was secured today. Our house is going on the market! Southern gent is quite superstitious, always working with the same Realtor he has trusted for ages and assisted with two previous homes. Very nice guy, I have confidence he will get the job done! I ordered a St. Joseph statue, fingers crossed it arrives before we leave for vacation. Apparently you bury the saint & Voila! people show up with offers. He is the Underground Real Estate Agent. I believe!!
We have de-cluttered and simplified as much as humanely possible. We are literally down to camping chairs in front of our television. Hope it sells quickly, it's a little too sterile & echo-y in here! There will be some juggling with schedules and doggies, but we are a great team certainly equipped to conquer the tough stuff. The fun part will be searching for a new home and dreaming about our next chapter. The departure will surely be bittersweet. Southern gent has lived in the home for seven years. I vividly remember conversation on our first date about his dog Rock. My eyes lit up and I wanted to meet this bulldog he spoke of. Next thing I knew, we were pulling into his little driveway. It was the nicest bachelor pad I had seen. Lots of golf rugs and neatly framed pictures on the wall...dark wood furniture. And there he was...Rock, king of the castle. He was perched atop the couch, lazy as can be. That was in 2008. Lots of time has passed and countless memories, I have lived in this home for 2.5 years. Rock has a little brother Marty...and they both run to the door barking furiously when someone walks in. No more laying on furniture ;D  They have plush beds of their own now.

So keep your toes crossed for us. With help from our above ground and under ground agents, we should be well on our  waaaay!

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