Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I believe if you do the holidays are pleased to have them behind you. I fall into that category. Today I disassembled the Christmas decorations while southern gent was away. In the process, I decided to de-clutter and start Goodwill bags. I am waiting up to see his smile. Such a feeling of cleanse and newness. It was a charming holiday season filled with savory meals & bold glasses of wine. Gifts galore & decadent desserts. We soaked in all the love. There are three more holiday gatherings to attend, so we will continue to enjoy the sparks of joy this season bestows us.
The pecans have all been baked...the lists have all been checked...the shopping has all been done...the gingerbread houses are all in hibernation...the house is all cleaned up!

Even the boys are sporting fresh new collars

January has so much in store. Travel! I am really looking forward to receiving my new, improved & personalized 2012 calendar. Check out the company {here}.  As much as I love my iphone, I remain dependent on a paper organizer. I like it all laid out in front of me, with pockets for paperwork and business cards. I just can't commit to a paperless life yet, am I the only one? ♥

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