Thursday, December 8, 2011

the making of our Holiday card 2011...

Our holiday card was born at a summer wedding of good friends, K+C. Our favorite photographer was shooting the soiree at Solas, downtown Raleigh. He had a little area reserved as the 'photo booth.' Not your average squeeze-in booth...but a couch with gobs of props. We grabbed the glasses & chalkboard and had a seat. The camera began flashing, lightning fast. It caught us in our most natural state. I am a huge fan of candid shots, nothing compares.
Check out the runner-up photo. We thought about using this one...but I assumed friends and family would question our sanity. Understandably.

There were many pictures in between, but our ultimate favorite was of us smooching. I love every aspect of this shot. Our body language, the silly glasses, our noses smooshing together, the dark brick, me still giggling. We decided on Spread Love as the message to add. To us, it says it all.

Ta-da, the final product!

We used Paper Culture to print our cards. Their eco-friendly-way impressed me. With every order placed, they plant a tree. 

♥Enjoy this adventure we have each been given. Take risks & love every day♥

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Anonymous said...

Runner up made me grin. Thanks,needed that today. love ya

CarolN a/k/a Aunt Carol said...

Lizzie, I absolutely LOVED your card!!! I also LOVE your runner-up!! It is so "you"! Looks like you are having fun; you both look so happy and just beautiful!!
Merry Christmas to both of you!!
Love you tons!!

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