Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 year in review

Dear 2011,
I want to take a moment to thank you for the love you've shown me during your 12 month stay.

Tonight I am in my pajamas, cooking frozen pizza & drinking root beer. These are the nights I dream about. I picked up my 2011 calendar and began to browse. It's a moment to reminisce and review. I easily lose track of time. Things that happened early in the year seem like just-a-couple-months-ago. But some of those things were almost a year ago. Whoa.
So I decided to review my year. Here are a few highlights:

January 9 southern gent & I became godparents to Duncan. Proud doesn't even begin to describe it. 

Raleigh hosted the All-Star Game late January. Incredible series of weekend events!

On Mother's Day we had tea with the women who have loved us unconditionally our whole lives.

I joined the summertime feather craze

Beach with the Eberts!

Mountains with the Tatums!

Cedar Point with the Cotter's!

June brought the Vegas Awards show. Sensory overload, in a good way!

In July, southern gent went camping for the very first time. Unforgettable!

Best comedy show, Steve-O!

Celebrated our 1st anniversary in Puerto Rico!

In August I toured the Jelly Belly Factory in Milwaukee, WI. I didn't want to ever leave. 

Southern gent went to a World Series game in October!

Girls Weekend in November. Toddies, tomfoolery, tranquility & tissues.

Best meal: BLT Steakhouse
Best book: Bossypants, Tina Fey
Fun fact I learned about my husband: He can juggle! I was not aware of this when we married. So fun!
Quote of the year: Stay hungry, Stay foolish -Steve Jobs

In 2011 the blog world invited me in. I had been admiring the world o' blog for months and decided to take the plunge. It has been an enriching experience. I absolutely adore my blog and am grateful you enjoy my words. 7,372 people have glanced at my blog since it was born. Thank you!

Starting my private practice trumps all of the above. 2011 marks my very first year. Something I have only dreeeeammed of, until this year. I held 937 sessions between two practices this year. That number floors me. I dove in head first and it's been a bottomless adventure of delight and challenge. Being a young woman navigating small business is something I am quite proud of. Is it scary? Oh, heck yeah! But I grow every. single. day.

Favorite picture of the year: boating, bubbles & bullfrogs

2012 shall be an epic year. I just know it  

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Lizzie. Your blog makes us all better people. I think everyone who reads it walks away inspired and re-energized. Your positive attitude and love of life and others makes us all smile. Thank you! Keep 'em coming! Happy New Year!

Liz said...

It is absolutely my pleasure xo

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