Thursday, November 10, 2011

spa time

Remember the whole 'take good care of yourself' shpeel I talked about {here}? Well, it's time to take care of myself again. Yay! And this time it's in the form of one of my favorite places on earth. Pinehurst Spa. Exhale. It's a heavenly place, really. You can catch a glimpse {here}. If you haven't been, start saving in a bank's worth every penny. A friend and I started the tradition last year, so this year is the second annual girls spa weekend. You know, men do trips all the time. I admire that. Why do fierce females just talk and dream about trips? Take action my lovely ladies, it's spa time! So I roadtrip too much...drink too much...have a slumber party. Then Saturday is when the magic happens. Last year we stayed for 7 hours. Strawberry smoothies, take me away. eeeeeeeeee!



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Rachel said...

Spa day - schmaaa day! This lady wishes she could go with you. Have a wonderful time and dring a smoothie for me :)

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