Monday, November 28, 2011

my collection

I didn't have a collection as a youngster. There wasn't anything I thought was interesting enough to have multiples of. I did, however, have fond memories of a friend in the neighborhood hosting gingerbread designing parties. The parents would cover a loooong table with every type of candy you can imagine; chocolatey, fruity, gummies, sours, crunchies, wafers, gum balls, taffies...heaping bowls of frosting...yummy gingerbread walls.
It was paradise for a kid. A real life Candyland. 
Each kiddo had a designated place to sit and create. I never wanted it to end. 
Well I found a way to recreate those days, and keep them alive. In a collection! A few years back, I started spotting & gathering life-like gingerbread houses. 
Right about this time of year, they peek out of their box to shine, sparkle & smile at us. 
My mom said it best, 'It's like seeing an old friend again.' She collects Santa Claus'. Each of her bearded men has a special story of his own. 
My favorite feature? The roof. Not one is similar to the next. Check out a few of my beauties!

One is guarded by a gummy bear friend

Another serves as a luminary

This little guy is teeny enough to rest on a bathroom shelf

This Tim Burton-esque is a new addition this season. Definitely eccentric, but it was ♥ at first glance!

Thank you for visiting my collection! 
What do you collect?

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