Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Lovely Friends & Family! I always start my Thanksgiving morning watching the Macy's Day Parade. Check out this fabulous parade link {here}. I just love curling up while adoring the floats, admiring the performers and googling over New York City. One day I want to be there all bundled up! This year I received my first Thanksgiving card from friends in Colorado, Jess & Luis. What a unique concept. I love the idea. It was a postcard with pictures from their year and it said 'Love & Leftovers.' The message on the back was just as adorable:

We didn't want to be turkeys & forget to wish you a Happy Autumn & Wonderful Thanksgiving-our favorite time of year! We hope you find as much joy as we do in gathering with family & friends to celebrate life! Enjoy the leaves, apple cider, harvest, pumpkins, warm colors & hayrides! As we approach the holiday season & prepare to welcome a new year, we hope for nothing but the best for you & your family! Here's to a festive Fall!

Could that possibly be any cuter? When everyone else in this world does Christmas cards, Jess & Luis will forever stand out as the cool kids with the Thanksgiving card. ♥

Tomorrow I will be preparing my famous sweet potato bake. I became famous last year when I tried it for the very first time. As you may know, I don't cook often...but when I do...I do it right. Southern gent helps too. He is really cute in the kitchen. Oh, and we will be supplying the cupcakes, now that's a shocker. I ordered them the other day. Yep, ordered them. I can only do so much. 

Southern Gent & I are so excited to skip to my little brothers home and skedaddle to his little sisters home...for some jolly old family fun! Many people ask me about being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving. Piece of cake...there are actually more veg-friendly items on the table than people realize. I slide past the turkey and go straight for the green beans, mashers, corn, mac n' cheese, rolls, sweet potato bake, pies, cupcakes...plenty of goodness. 

Have a wonderful day...and tell a few people you are thankful for them. 
I am thankful you read Lovely Life of Liz and I hope it makes you grin!

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