Sunday, November 6, 2011

co-ed shower

November is the month of baby showers. I am hostessing three & attending one. So yoooou get to read about the special touches. Saturday was the first and only co-ed shower. Very non-traditional, which I always prefer. Virginia is my close friend who will deliver her daughter, Camellia, February 4th. Her husband agreed to a co-ed get together, as long as it didn't resemble a baby So there was beer-and-wine-and-boys-and-cornhole-aaaaand an ice cream truck. Every dish was homemade. I even made a few sides, which is kind of a big deal.

Southern gent & I had a pillow made for the new family. Pets included, of course   
You can have one made for your family {here}

Loads of miniature threads & a smiley mama-to-be
Reserving the ice cream truck was a big hit. A first-class dessert.
No baking, no cleaning required
Brought out the kid in all of us

      I reconnected with Bugs Bunny

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