Sunday, November 6, 2011


Do you get catalogs galore too? It's actually shameful how many end up in our mailbox. Companies are selling our address to their neighbors, I suppose. I have unsubscribed to several because I feel like I am abolishing the world of trees. Though they end up resting comfortably in the recycle bin, I still feel guilty.
Typically I browse and toss, but I received a great one just the other day that I want to share. Ballard Designs. As you know I have 'a thing' for wreaths. Ballard Designs happen to have a SALE, on holiday goods, going on right now. Gorgeous holiday decor.      
I ordered a capitol T

Do you get waaaaay too many catalogs too?
Victoria Secret is the worst of the worst


CZ said...

In case you want to opt out of some (like VS..haha), you can go to Catalog Choice and they'll do it for you.

Liz said...

that is good to know! thank you, CZ!

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