Sunday, November 20, 2011

thank you notes

What a marvelous time of the year. So many things to reflect thankfulness upon. Speaking of being is absolutely important year round, as well as in November. As I type, I have a few thank you notes I should probably be writing. Do I go overboard on them? Maybe. But it saddens me that there are far fewer floating through snail mail than there ought to be. When I stamp and send mine, people always respond as pleasantly surprised. When one lands in my mailbox, it instantly puts a smile on my face.
I owe my maternal gram a handwritten note. She and I have traded letters for years, but it's been awhile. The influx of technology leads me to believe communication will continue to decrease until noone uses snail mail any longer. Help me not let that happen. Send someone a note this week! There are loads of cute stamps to choose from.

I ♥ snail mail

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