Friday, October 7, 2011


Let the tailgating begin! Tailgates were a college favorite. They were so outstanding, I ventured back for years after I graduated...simply for the tailgate. 24 hour round-trip roadtrip for 48 hours in Iowa City.
I rarely went into the game, it was more fun on the outside. Tailgates have stepped it up a notch since the collegiate days. Now we bring treats like Whoopie Pies. Oh, and fantastic Artisan Pizzas. In Iowa City, it was a battle to get the prime tailgate our alarm clocks would buzz at 6am on Saturday morning. I struggled to get to an 8am or 9am class during the week, but 6am for a tailgate? I was completely reliable. Once you were in the desired parking space, the beers started cracking. omg. Unhealthiest days of my life, but oh so fun. Ridiculous fun. Hanging-on-your-friends-shoulder-cracking-up sort of fun.
                    So this weekend is a tailgate extravaganza. Today for hockey, tomorrow for football.
 Sitting idle in a camping chair..eating great food..and watching people walk by.
A great pleasure of mine.   
mom made a friend at the tailgate!

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