Tuesday, October 25, 2011

soda on special occasions

Remember Tab? I barely do. But at one time it was a staple in my childhood home. Soda has always been on my radar. It gets me out of bed. Yep, I drink a Diet Pepsi with breakfast. No O.J. for muah. Bubbly pop on the palate. Buuuut, I have recently decided to cut back. I was only drinking one per day, might as well axe it.
Do you notice my consistent attempts at self improvement? I know.
So one day I bought Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi at the grocery store and gave it a try. It worked! It was the cold, fizzy fix I savor in the AM, but without the unnecessary jolt and dive.
I declared 'caffeinated soda on special occasions!'  Reserved for going out to eat or at the movies. Just not for the average day. I was glowing until today when I had a sweet tea and a chai tea at noon and 5pm, respectively. An exorbitant amount of caffeine. It hit the spot!
Tomorrow is a new day. I am a work in progress, aren't we all.

What are you working on?

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Tiffany P said...

I, too am trying to cut out the diet soda and drinking more water flavored with crystal light tea packets. I still need the occasional fizz though. Keep it up, Liz!

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