Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Newport Beach

48 hours in California makes perfect sense when this is your home for two days. Paradise.
The wedding was wonderfully unique. Coasting down Newport Beach Waterway witnessing two friends commit their lives to one another. tears...tears...and then a few more tears.
I had the honor of spending the entire day with the bride and groom. The three of us enjoyed breakfast together in their suite. Which was, of course, followed by the usual hustle and bustle of a wedding day.

I am proud to say my reception speech went swimmingly. I practiced 20+ times in the hotel when the master of ceremonies called my name, I confidently expressed the history of our friendship and my joy that afternoon.

The friend who spoke after me didn't require notes...she apparently can inspire on the fly, impromptu style. So impressive. Her words were profound, she explained that 'the best friendships survive relocation, marriage & children.' I nodded and smiled. My greatest friendships have endured all of the above. Megan & I have survived two of those without the slightest waiver. Forever friends.

Their beach theme was perfect. The vegetarian dish astounding. Pad Thai w tofu for muah. The cake was moist and delish. The weather 75 and sunny. All on a boat filled with grins, laughter & reminiscent tales.  


                                         As swiftly as I arrived, it was time to leave again.
Congratulations to the Tommet-Ramirez family. You undeniably know how to throw a party! 

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