Saturday, October 29, 2011


Frozen Yogurt is back, friends! I couldn't be more thrilled. I have been wondering where this delicacy disappeared to. I worked at Freshens Yogurt in college. At that time, soft serve was very popular. As of late, it was a favorite treat only enjoyed when traveling through airports. Now these brightly colored little shops are making a comeback.

Pinkberry is piquant
Freshberry is fabulous
Tutti Frutti is toothsome  
The self serve concept is ingenious. Toppings galore. The variety of flavors are endless.

toppings up above

toppings down below

Let me rewind to college. The Freshens I worked for was franchised by a lovely older woman who enjoyed travel herself. She would often skip town, leaving lil ol' me in charge. That's right. She advised me to leave a note on the door when I had to attend a class. Back in an hour. On one occasion she left for an entire week. The store front flourished while she was away. Customers were smiling...yogurt was flowing. All because a college chic could handle it. Well, up until the very last day. I was mopping in the back, and accidentally hit the main power switch with the mop handle. This turned off every single light in the joint.
I decided to deal with it in the morning, carefully feeling my way to the door. The very next morning everything had melted and spoiled. That light switch also happened to control every cooler and machine in the place. When the owner came back, that college chic wasn't looking so stellar anymore, now was she..?
Lucky for me the owner was very lovely and patient and kind and understanding. A true saint. Wow. I think I would have canned me if I were her.

Back to the deliciousness. If you see one of these yogurt shops, stop in.
 Make it a snack or a meal.
But note to self...don't leave the college chic in charge.

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