Wednesday, October 19, 2011

microwave free

Ok, friends. I am taking the plunge to a microwave free life. I have done this before and it's actually quite easy to adjust to. It just takes some intention.
A few days back, we decided to de clutter. One of the best things about living in a bungalow is the necessity of simplicity. We cannot collect all sorts of things. This is really good for me. I have a tendency to put things in a closet or junk drawer and swiftly get it out of sight. Not an option. Imagine moving into a home that is fully furnished and lived in for 6 years...with a truckload of your favorites. It took some time and compromise. Luckily, southern gent is exactly that...and made it easy for me. I am happy to say we have stayed in this home together for 2+ years. I love it. Some people like their own space. Not us. When we are both home...we like to have at least one limb touching each other's. Feet, hands, knees, shoulders.  
Ok! Back to the microwave. So there was a cart in our kitchen that was home to the microwave. We scanned it...tilted our heads...and made the call. In order to make more room in the kitchen, both had to go. Besides, I think microwaves are weird. There is really no heat's like a wave of something that expands the moleclues in our food and the friction heats it up. Maybe it's healthier to choose the oven or stovetop.
So here we are...microwave free. It takes a bit more effort, but we are excited about it. Just not sure about those Lean Cuisines in the freezer that I love so much...and they are so convenient. Gotta stay focused!


Tiffany said...

Wow! I'm impressed with this choice. I don't know if I could do it!

Grayson N. said...

I pretty much live microwave free. Only for heating up leftovers. It isnt as hard as you think. And it forces you to eat fresh food, which is better anyway!!! Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

What ever you want to do I grew up with no microwave, no cell phone, a one channel TV, No computer or Facebook, Blog, and no air conditioning in the home or car. I played with cardboard boxes making them my dream home. Hung my clothes out on a line. We even got to leave our doors open for people just to stop by. This was not so long ago so what I am saying is .... Life is Good and I love using a microwave.

Lori said...

I use mine as little as possible. I never cook in it, just reheat but use the stovetop or oven mostly. I try not to defrost in it either. I do this for health reasons mainly..just seems like a better choice. Maybe take those lean cuisines to work with you and have them there!

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