Friday, October 14, 2011

me + my floss

When I ventured to college in 1996, I decided to become a flosser. You know when you are shopping for dorm life and get all the silly stuff that you likely won't use. For example, the study pillow with a hard writing surface from Target. Got it, but never used it. That same trip to Target I threw a container of floss in my cart, probably landing next to the study pillow. I made the decision to pick up a good habit.

The cool thing is, 15 years later I am still a flossing fanatic! I will forever have a square of floss on my person. The funny thing about flossing is that the more you do it...the more it's required. You get so used to that clean feeling, it becomes addictive. I am a dentist's dream.
So pick up a good habit, and tell me how it goes!

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Brian@Dentist in Orlando Florida said...

Floss is always a necessity in homes. It only costs a couple of dollars but can save you thousands of dollars in dental care and other health related problems. It's a wise investment.

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