Thursday, October 6, 2011

*local giveaway*

Chipotle is near and dear to my heart. Not only because the company originated in Colorado, but because of these statements they make, "The best way to treat animals with dignity and respect is to allow them to display their natural tendencies. When sourcing meat, we work hard to find farmers and ranchers who are doing things the right way." I respect that. Their quest to work with local organic farmers is admirable.
The image pictured above is the first ever Chipotle...and my duplex was a mere four doors down. Across from it was Tokyo Joe's, I really miss that place. Tokyo Joe's hasen't ventured out of CO yet. When they make it to NC, I will be a happy camper.
This was an amazing area to live. Chipotle forever had a line out-the-door of hungry mountaineers. When I spot a Chipotle now, I get all warm and fuzzy inside.

So, this leads us to another giveaway.
It is a local giveaway, specifically for any Raleigh area Chipotle.
I have four to share. Good for a burrito, bowl, tacos or salad. You can take your family...friends...double date. Whatever your little stomach desires. 

Giveaway ends Monday at noon

To enter please comment, telling me what you would fill a pinata with!


Christyz said...

Candy, but specifically dark chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Boston Baked beans...the candy. used to eat them out of the box at the Lake theater when I was a kid...yummy !!

Anonymous said...

Laffy Taffy...such a chewy gooey delight

Anonymous said...


Tiffany said...

In no particular order:
A new paddleboard
Keys to a beach house
Kit kat bars
Two tickets to Key West
Tacos and Blue chips (my favs)
Spending money to keep me going for a while
Hehe. This needs to be one big piƱata!
- Tiffany

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