Monday, October 10, 2011

Heaven is for Real

Imagine for a moment, if you can, losing your brother and your best friend in the same week.
This happened to a friend of mine...and my heart is broken for him. 

The first time southern gent brought me home, I spotted one single picture on his fridge. The picture was of 2 teenage brothers, both in wheelchairs. When I inquired about the image, he smiled and told me their names were Nathan & Skyler. I heard tales of these extraordinary boys with muscular dystrophy. He adored them. 
Many of the stories also included their best friend, Joe, who had been like a big brother to them from the time they were very young and still walking. Joe had known them for 13 years as he played hockey in their hometown. When Joe moved away he stayed in close contact with those boys, visiting them and sending for them to visit him. He was their hero. He played hockey for a living and these boys live for hockey.
Last month, Joe tragically passed away in a plane crash. The news was devastating to the brothers. Joe was gone. Skyler went into the hospital a few days later...and due to complications, he never made it home. Skyler was gone. Nathan is now left to try and make sense of it all. Family and community are embracing and supporting him during this time that actually makes no sense at all.    
B, Joe, Nathan & Skyler
Nathan and his grandparents arrived for a visit last week, a mere month since their goodbyes. I am in awe of their honest strength. I don't know that I could speak clearly or sit up straight if I were them. I am humbled in their presence.
Saturday evening, we had a pizza party in their hotel room. That is when they told me about a book that has become very special to their family. They gifted me a copy and I began reading as soon as I got home.  Please read it with me. Buy it in your local bookstore..on your know the drill. Who knows, it may be my next giveaway. Either way, I promised them I would share it with others. 
just the other night at dinner
my friend and I


Maureen said...

So sad. I will be praying for Nathan.

Anonymous said...

Loved the book. Love the post - you inspire so many to live each day to the fullest and to help others every chance we get.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Lizzie. My prayers are with Nathan and his family. I read Heaven is for Real several months ago - a good read. Thank you for sharing this story and for your giving spirit to this family who have faced so much. (CLE)

Jackie said...

Liz-This is an awesome post! I have been wanting to get this to read, you have know challenged me and I Thank You for that. My prayers are for Nathan and his Grandparents to find peace in all of this. Thanks again!

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