Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It is oatmeal season, friends! I prefer the word goatmeal, because it's more fun to say. I am eating mine as I type. My bowl is way bigger than the pictured image, just so you know. I have always been a two packet girl. But this practice is being tested today, because I added so many delicioius ingredients and am quickly filling up.
I love my summer smoothies because of the wealth of nutritional value inside. So I want to be sure I am still getting those vitamins and minerals as I transition to the next season's breakfast. Today I added chopped walnuts, thin banana slices, strawberry bites and a handful of blueberries. I couldn't add 33 because that would be overkill.
Standing in front of the oatmeal display, in the cereal aisle, can be intimidating.
Which box is the right choice? Fruity? Variety pack? Less sugar? Plain old oats?

When all else fails, opt for Kashi.

Yes there is sugar and fat, but guess what? That is what makes it tasty!
Now go enjoy that bowl of oaty goodness!

*Make it a great day*

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