Tuesday, November 15, 2011

flowers for friends

A simple yet sincere gesture. A bouquet of freshly cut flowers gets the olfactory a' buzzin. Flowers tend to be reserved for momentous events and romance. I would love to see that change. I am speaking of friends-giving-friends-flowers. When is the last time you gave a good friend a few blossoms? It is a wonderful way to send a message of appreciation. Mother Nature at her finest. Raw beauty. Start a trend.
My mom has gorgeous gardens in her backyard. She cuts me bouquets most times I visit.

Instead of wondering when you last received flowers...consider when you last handed someone flowers. I have done it a few times recently and the response is always a big, sparkling grin.

One of my first jobs was in a flower shop. Check out their site {here}. I had some cool jobs, eh? I worked in the design room *aka basement* where the experts exercised their creativity. It was an upscale joint, and custom arrangements flew out of there daily. I was awe struck. The music jammed as I cleaned & organized so the experts could work seamlessly. I remember talking to the designers about ordering a boutonniere for my Junior Prom. I knew they would mold it perfectly for me. They told me I should come to the shop all dazzled up...to retrieve the boutonniere. Secretly they expected a parent to show instead.
I recall walking down those dusty stairs, into the basement. I was such a young girl with a bright future and a long navy dress. I remember their eyes lighting up, and I knew I made their day. Do something unexpected, it usually turns out pretty special.

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TP said...

Loved mine from a sweet friend recently. :)

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