Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ebay, it's ON

I was recently introduced to an amazing wallet. Pricey? yes. But I hear it's worth it. I decided to see if I could locate it online at a thrifty price.
thank you ebay
Suddenly, I was deeply involved in a cut throat bidding war. omg. Have you done this? It was Fisher Price, my first ebay. It is indeed stress inducing. I increased the price by one dollar, and immediately was outbid. Were they waiting on the other end for a move? There were 2 days and 21 hours left until auction was to close. I decided my strategic edge was to wait until the final hour to get competitive. I put a reminder on my phone and waited until seconds were left. Adrenaline kicked in and I jumped back on. It was frantic...and I was ultimately outbid. I think the person on the other end was serious about this wallet. Now I was too.
After gaining some dog-eat-dog experience and ebay knowledge, I set out to dominate the next auction. Booyah, same wallet for $30 less than the wallet tyrant who beat a beginner. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Below is my new treasure, color is Stone.

Hobo Lauren Vintage wallet



Eve Cribbs, LCSW said...

Awesome. You figured it out quickly. Great wallet too. I have a black one; actually the second one because I loved the first one so much! I'm not quite so savvy with all that bidding though. I'll leave that to you.

Jen said...

I have this exact one in that awesome green and I LOVE it!

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