Monday, October 24, 2011

dazzling durham

I love a good city. I am ready to get to know Durham. Raleigh & Durham have this competitive nature about them. But there is absolutely room to enjoy them that is what I intend to do.
Recently a friend and I ventured to the 5th largest city in the state, to be entertained. We dined at 604 West Morgan. The dimly lit frame, set the tone for a relaxingly perfect meal. We toasted with a bold Red. The main event was the Pumpkin Risotto, hers with duck confit mine without. Distinct flavor of Fall.   


Our next stop was the D-PAC. It was my first time visiting the venue. Very nice. We roared while Mike Lawrence and John Oliver spewed jokes all evening long. They are brilliantly funny men. John's british accent charmed us as he teased the American culture. The best part of humor is the truth in it.
Take time for good friends, they must be celebrated. Nurture your connections & learn their stories. Laughter is a crucial part of life. Partake as often as you can.

"There is not a shred of evidence that life is serious."
                                                                -Ogden Nash

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