Sunday, October 16, 2011

birthday week

Southern gent was home the morning of his birthday, but flew out that afternoon. He opened a few gifts and we had a festive breakfast surrounded by balloons. So the evening celebration was reserved for a few days later. I had heard glowing recommendations of Magnolia Grill and we live for new restaurant experiences. So I decided I would surprise him with reservations.

'Their concept is straight-forward; punchy, market-driven, seasonal cooking; layers of flavor with a Southern sensibility and an international influence; congenial, cordial and informed service; diverse and intriguing wines and lastly, a lively, relaxed yet still sophisticated atmosphere.'

I phoned the establishment, and the hostess kindly cautioned that reservations are typically made one month in advance. Buuut, they just-so-happened to have a table available for us at 5:30pm on the requested day. We are accustomed to much later dinners, but I figured we would eat light at lunch and make this work.
It. was. impressive. Magnolia Grill did not miss a thing. Service was impeccable. Cuisine was melt in your mouth. Desserts were extraordinary. They left nothing out.  

A tradition in our little family is to celebrate with cupcakes...for any and all occasions. In prevous years we have also done Ben & Jerry's cakes, as you know we are fans. But this year I wanted to do something unique. Sunday evening is dinner with his parents...and below is the cakelet we will enjoy together. Southern gent loves bulldogs, so I had this custom baked. This little dude rested in our fridge overnight. Isn't he perfect?



Kelly McHugh said...

absolutely adorable cakelet - love reading your blog...find you incredibly clever and entertaining. write a book! Happy Birthday lovely liz!

Take care, Kelly McHugh

Eve Cribbs, LCSW said...

Great post Liz! You are one sweet wife. I got on the cupcake envy site and am planning on my birthday request this year.

I hope your birthday is half that special.

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