Thursday, September 29, 2011

the windy city

Tonight, we had a taste of Chicago. Sweet home Chicago. I pleasantly stumbled upon a Gino's East frozen Pizza in the neighborhood. I couldn't pass it up. I was cramming clothes in a duffle bag, for the weekend, and we needed something quick and simple. Paired with a fantastic salad, it was yum. When people think of Chicago style pizza, they think of an extra thick doughy crust. However, the authentic deep dish is pictured above. Sauce on top...thick layer of cheesiness...crunchy crust.  A different take on za. Magically delicious. We did have a minor road block when a chunk of a coal-like substance began smoking in the oven. Stove fan was switched on and windows were flung open...but not in time for the smoke alarms to begin. The CPI alarm lady came blaring over the loud speaker demanding the verbal password. I always get it wrong. Luckily southern gent was home and correctly stated the password. phew! We then continued our pizza night, with a cloudy layer of smoke hovering over our heads.

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