Friday, September 16, 2011

autumn inspired

Our house smells like salty carmel. Today I maxed out a shopping bag with all sorts of dreamy scents. Candles burn at our house in the evenings...not only for the magical aromas they provide, but because they fill our home with a peaceful sense of warmth and calm.

These silly bowls I purchased at Target...dollar aisle style. I have an eye for the fun decor. As much as I think I should search for refined, it just doesn't quite fit.

 It feels like Fall has arrived and I am ready for jeans and a fleece. Oh, and the dogs need some Autumn inspired collars.  Always thinking about my boys and their swagger.
I am also becoming crazed about front door wreaths/decor. It's a great form of self expression and I believe there should be one standing proudly for each and every season/holiday. I have a sparkly heart for Valentine's Day, a shiny shamrock for St. Patrick's get the point. It's special. However, Falltime wreaths have been stumping me. I am not animated about the dried leaves look. I purchased my Halloween 'wreath', but there must be something before and after the Spooky holiday. So I went on a hunt for the perfect pop of color...and I found a simple yet unique one on our favorite site, Etsy baby! You truly cannot go wrong with this awe inspiring collection of millions of homemade goodies. My mom has a terrific shop with metal cuffs that wow.

So here it is, my treasure made from yarn.

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