Monday, September 5, 2011

moments that matter the most

2010 & 2011 have been filled with unforgettable wedding ceremonies. To me, they never get old. Each one fresh with enthusiasm..commitment..colors..fine details..emotion. The scenes have spanned from a beach, to a city, to an island, a swanky louge, a steakhouse, a rural community....each special in their own right. I fill with excitement and anticipation the morning of..thinking about the bride and groom and how their days are flowing. After my wedding, everything became clear. I suddenly got it. I began to pay much more attention to the heart & soul each couple puts into their soiree.
This year I have one more wedding. I depart in a few weeks for Newport Beach, Cali. This wedding is extra special. My best friend from Denver is getting married. We met shortly after I moved to CO when I accepted a position with a non-profit organization. Glaring stares from a female filled office didn't help my already heightened anxiety. But out of the crowd emerged a smiley, warm, welcoming soul named Megan. She called me Cotter--my maiden name. We were instant friends. Zero effort was needed to become friends with Megan. She is truly one of the easiest people to jive with. We all have those friends, in our 20's, who we bar hop with. You only really make night plans with these people. Well Megan was a nighttime AND a daytime friend. We did our fair share of painting the town red! But we also met at the laundromat on the weekends with carry-out food, chatting all afternoon. I lived in an old victorian home that was divided into charming apartments. Megan and I spent many-a-nights crawling out my window onto the roof..watching cars pass and smoking cigarettes. We have more inside jokes than anyone else I know. Most of them inappropriate.
Megan pursued a dream of hers and moved to California. I was sad for me...but so glad for her! We stay in close contact and rarely let a few days go by without connecting.
Megan met her soon-to-be-husband in CA and they are a perfect duet. We have visited them and they have visited us. Megan made a great choice and I just bought my plane ticket to Cali to attend their ceremony on a yacht.
Megan isn't having bridesmaids. I love that concept, because I didn't either. A few weeks ago, while chattering, Megan asked that I take part in the union by doing a speech. eeekkkkkk. I agreed right away...even though my initial instinct was terror. How on earth am I going to be capable of communicating my admiration and respect for my dear friend? How will I ever be able to mix fun with warmth & entertainment for the crowd and couple? I don't really know, but this post was sort of my practice run. Minus the comment about the cigarettes. Not sure her grandma would approve.

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