Sunday, September 25, 2011


So I knew my in-laws were cool, from the start, but what put them over-the-edge was their business.
J & J have owned and operated a cosmetics franchise for almost thirty years. I was introduced to the products two years ago, and my skin has truly never felt better.
I am admittedly the girl who only wore mascara until about age 30, but I have made some progress since then. I still tend towards the natural look, but let's face it...a girl needs a little support on occasion. Aloette is simply the only product I use. A few of my favorite goodies in the collection include: 
And now I have the opportunity to share a giveaway with one of you lucky readers!

Pumpkin Warming Masque
The mask heats up during application, releasing Vitamin E into the skin with the essence of delightful pumpkin at your fingertips. Now that is what we call pampering yourself.

So the giveaway ends at noon on Wednesday and my mom-in-law will pick the winner.

Our question is: Why do you deserve a little pampering these days? Comment and you may win!

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Karie said...

I do not deserve to be pampered any more than the rest of the wonderful women I know. There are so many out there that do it all... wife, career woman, mommy. However, I am a good person who does not take time out to pamper herself very often, if even at all. Oh, did I mention that I am your best friend? Also, I LOVE PUMPKIN!!! :)

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