Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the finest things in life

I know I reference a healthy lifestyle often, but don't let me fool you...everything in moderation.
I have four pints of Ben & Jerry's in the freezer right now. Just when I thought I had tasted every flavor, another Limited Edition surfaces...omg! Gives me a good reason to buy a few of these happy little cartons.
german chocolate cake. sign me up!
There is simply no other way to eat Ben & Jerry's than straight out of the carton it came in. It might be gross in large families or roommate situations, but it works in a house x 2. It relieves the melt factor. Recently I was perusing the Ben & Jerry's website, and came across these clever gift ideas.

a pint lock, hilarious


 It seems rare to find a company as committed to charitable contributions and environmental awareness as Ben & Jerry have been all these years. Gives us the perfect excuse to indulge. Cheers to a large corporation, with a local feel.

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