Sunday, September 25, 2011


As September arrived this year, I curiously felt disconnected from the community. I believe it was because we were gone quite a bit this summer, and I lost touch with events happening in the Triangle. I told southern gent I needed to reconnect. So in my attempt to reconnect, I subscribed to a mailing list for Durham Central Park events. It felt like a good start.
The very first email I received was for a fundraiser, Meals From the Market. I impulsively bought 2 tickets for the vegetarian dinner...and excitedly told southern gent what we would embark on in a few short weeks. He looked at me with a very confused look, sometimes he wonders about the things I sign up for. Turns out, he wasn't going to be in he lucked out this time. But my fellow veg friend, Virginia, was celebrating her birthday and a gift was in store.

So, tonight was the dinner. What an evening.
We arrived at this home, to dine. Some of the host venues serve up to 100 people. This was suited for 9. Around the table sat intellects. Most had children in high school/college. There was a professor from Duke and one from UNC...there were 2 female doctors...another brilliant person...and of course the lovely host couple. Then there was V and I, just absorbing it all. We had no idea what we were in store for, but it was marvelous. The conversation was smart, we spoke about ideas and concepts. The hosts and other guests were kind and warm. There was genuine surprise that people from Raleighwood were in support of the Durham community. I explained an interest in stepping out of the norm to learn and explore different territory.
The cuisine was truly the main event, having 4 courses of herbivore deliciousness. Everything was served family style, passing and sharing. All that we ate was fresh from the Farmer's Market this morning. Truly an unforgettable evening.
Take time to share your life with people who are completely different from you. It's an awesome way to expand your mind.

Virginia, her cute baby bump & me

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